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Our mission is to provide the highest quality ales and promote continued betterment in the art of beer making. We embrace our strange and unusual side and encourage that all employees, our community and customers do the same with us.

We're Different

Scarlet Lane Brewing Company launched in May of 2014 after several years of planning. Having moved to Oregon and spending seven years in the heart of the Beer Revolution, the plan was launched to start a Northwest inspired brewery in the heart of the Midwest. CEO and Head Brewer Eilise Lane completed her education at the American Brewer's Guild after spending six years homebrewing and shadowing at some of her favorite Oregon breweries, including Ninkasi Brewing and Fort George Brewing. A Greencastle, Indiana native, Eilise is joined by a primarily female investment team and operates the day-to-day alongside a passionate team with diverse backgrounds.

The Beer

Eilise focuses on three main areas of beer development: Stouts, Northwest IPAs/Pales and the Obscure. She continues to develop her brewing skills by offering unique specialties throughout the different seasons; all with a heavy focus on balance and approachability.



All staff go through rigorous training in order to be beer experts. We provide continued training and education year round in order to maintain industry leading expertise on beer styles and beer designs. Scarlet Lane's staff is always available for education needs, onsite sampling, and beer training.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

We aim to generate long-term relationships and be your "go-to" on beer knowledge. As a customer of Scarlet Lane Brewing Company, we will insure that you get the most out of your beer experience. From the development of the actual brewery to the draft pour of the beer, Scarlet Lane Brewing Company aims to provide a fun, engaging and relaxing experience where everyone feels comfortable to be a little weird.




Brewing's Past

Few know the role that females have played in beer throughout history. In fact, it was at one time illegal for males to brew beer. We intend to respect this history with our beer designs, our marketing, our branding and our operations. Scarlet Lane Brewing is excited to be (re)paving the way for females in the industry by operating under a female owned (management and investors) entity and having our CEO work as Head Brewer. We are a brewing company for ALL beer lovers.

eilise head shot
eilise brewdeck
I believe that C-dog has mastered the art of a CIP
The pre-boil on Lenore today
The sunset afterglow
flat pint sales
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