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Lets be honest, the most attractive aspect of a Secret Society is the exclusive and private benefits offered to those who bear the symbol. Becoming a Berserker will open the doors to exclusive and prioritized treatment at every location

A Society Built Around Loyalty, Exclusivity & Secrecy

Member Mondays

Thought Scarlet Lane was always closed on Mondays?

Not for The Berserkers. Member Mondays will be hosted every quarter at a rotating SLB location for Berserkers to enjoy a private, full service setting.


Berserkers will have their own reservation system that allows you to reserve a space for up to 4 guests at any location, any time. 

Reservations are not available to the general public

Your Beer

You read that correctly. To celebrate a new Berserker member, each new member will have a beer named after them with their chosen location for tapping and invite to all Berserkers to celebrate 

More details when you sign up

Yearly Gathering

Once a year The Berserker Brood will gather for a private party at Scarlet Lane ...and it will get weird enough that the outside world would think it's a ritual

VIP Status

Berserkers get the same access as employees for all Scarlet Lane hosted events. This includes early entry, private areas off limits to the general public and special beers just for us

Early Access

Berserkers get early access to purchase tickets before the general public; including outside events sponsored by Scarlet Lane like IMAX showings

Secret Menu

Code words will gain you access to secret menu items announced at random for selected SLB locations.

Berserker Store

Berserkers will have their own online, private store to purchase items at cost.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 9.01.47 AM.png
Rare Food Dinners

Berserkers will be invited to a select number of "speakeasy" rare food beer dinners hosted by SLB at select locations.

Exclusive Offers

Berserkers will be given first access to exclusive offers like beer garage sales, beers-of-the-month, low fill inventory and more

Custom Ticket Prices

For ticketed events, you will have access to custom Berserker prices not available to the general public

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 9.19.27 AM.png
And More....

This is a fluid process & we will all work together to make changes and continue to add enhancements to the 

privileges for Berserkers

Often overlooked, but always appreciated
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