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Indianapolis Brewery

Get a Taste of Our Indianapolis Brewery

At our Indianapolis brewery, you’ll find much more than just the best brew you’ve ever had!

Our locations feature the best in both beer and eats. You’ll discover a whole new world of flavor in our unique approach to cuisine.

Our Indiana beer realized that great beer is only made better when paired with great food. That’s why we brought on Executive Chef Erin Kem to invent a menu that spoke to our unique twist of brewing. The goal was to create a cuisine that matched our brewery and serve top rated food to Indiana alongside our outstanding selection of brews.

Our menu grows from our passion for unique flavors. Our Executive Chef blends her worldly culinary experience to create a menu that consistently ranks her talents amongst the top chefs in our city. If you are ready to experience a menu that has been married to some of our city’s finest brews, then our restaurant is what you’ve been looking for.

Our Indianapolis brewery is constantly exploring the limits of brewing and crafting new beers and meads that are sure to win over even the most refined tastes. We needed a menu that was just as adventurous as our beers. Our Executive Chef seamlessly blends French, Moroccan, and contemporary culinary trends with the tastes evoked by our beers. Our menu is able to bring in the best in flavors and distinct tastes.

Our Indiana beer company knows you need options when it comes to your dining experience. When you want to have a meal prepped by one of the best chefs in our city, you can have it.

We are available for both delivery and carry-out. No matter what’s going on in the world around us, you can have an amazing meal to lift your spirits.

You can check out our menu and place an order on our website. Each of our menu items is custom designed to pair with selection from our menu of stouts, meads, and other brews. Head over to our website today and order a complete meal that is sure to please.

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