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Local Brewery

A Female Driven Local Brewery

When we started our brewery in 2014, we wanted to do things differently.

Our CEO and Head Brewer Eilise Lane decided that she wanted to bring more than just unique brews to our fair city.

Our local brewery showcases some of our city’s best female-driven talent. Whether it’s in our brewery or our chef’s line, you can find leading female talent behind all of our endeavors. Even the investment team of our local brewery is led by the best female business minds in our community.

This commitment to something new translates directly to our brews as well as our food. Our unique style was born of these collaborations. We seamlessly blend outstanding brews, unbeatable cuisine, and a personality that is just as loud as our flavor. We are committed to sharing our passion with our community.

The brewery in McCordsville, Indiana is home to the original Sammy Terry set. Come drink and eat on the very set from the Sammy Terry TV show. 

Reach out to us to learn more about our brewery today!

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