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Mccordsville Brewery

Always Discovering New Brews at Our McCordsville Brewery

Our McCordsville brewery, just like the rest of our locations, is always seeking to bring you new brews in addition to our modern classics.

You’ll be able to find stouts, IPAs, and even seltzers at our brewery. We are working hard to push the boundaries of flavor. Our beers are brewed by blending traditional recipes with cutting edge flavors. We have been honing our craft since we first opened our doors in 2014. With each passing year, we are working harder to create refined beers that make us the best. When you look for a brewery near me these are the qualities you want to see.

Our brews take on a unique edge. Even our lightest brews take on a darker quality when we invoke the most celebrated figures of horror and the gothic. With brews like our Dorian Espresso Stout, Myopic Haze IPA, and our special HorrorHound Ale let you explore the limits of taste through our unique approach to brewing.

Looking for a brewery near me is all about finding a location led by a head brewer that has a vision. Our unique approach to brewing comes from our unique history. Head brewer Eilise Lane has been honing her craft for decades and brings her unusual flare to all of her brews.

If you’ve been searching for a McCordsville brewery that caterers to the strange, then we are what you’ve been searching for.

There’s nothing like cracking open one of our beers. We’ve worked hard to explore unique flavor combinations and master everything from dark ales to bright IPAs. When you want a brew that isn’t afraid to explore the unknown, our brewery is where you should venture.

Visit one of our locations or place an order on our website to experience our unique style.

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